AI solutions for real-time photo and video data processing

Nerstech llc offers artificial intelligence based hardware and software solutions for real-time photo and video data processing
    • Complete computer vision system: from cameras to decision making
    • Development of power efficient high performance hardware for real-time computer vision systems
    • Real time video processing algorithms implemented in compact low power hardware:
      • Real-time object detection, localization and classification based on state-of-the-art neural network algorithms
      • Robust real-time object tracking algorithms
      • Semantic image/scene segmentation
    • Image and video processing FPGA IP cores: from low level raw data processing to object detection and recognition
      • Denoising, bad pixel inpainting
      • Demosaicing (including state-of-the art algorithms)
      • Dynamic range compression, detail enhancement
      • High efficient low latency video compression/decompression
      • Convolutional networks
    • Cameras:
      • Thermal cameras with cooled sensors (MWIR/LWIR)
      • Thermal cameras with uncooled sensors (LWIR)
      • VIS cameras (color and monochrome) with superior low light performance and high dynamic range
      • Omnidirectional cameras and panoramic camera rigs
      • 3D camera: ToF and stereocameras
    • Medical image processing algorithms (2D/3D/4D data):
    • Robust low latency long range wireless video transmission system for UAV and robotics
    • Multichannel digital video recorder with lossless video compression
    • Zynq 7000 based OEM micromodules
    • NVidia Jetson TX1/TX2 carrier boards
    • Multiphysics simulation software:
      • Body motion in various environments at different speeds
      • Fragment distribution
      • Aeroelastic response simulation software

Technical specifications are awailable upon request
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